PRESS RELEASE 6th of Augusti 2018: 

Enduro EC 2018 in Skövde

Competitors from 13 nations have accepted the challenge to drive a course of approximately 70 kilometres and along the course fulfil three different special tests to prove their skills and endurance.

The third part of the larger competition in the Enduro European Championship 2018 is held in Skövde the 10th to the 12th of August. The organizer, FMCK Skövde, has together with Skövde Kommun, Next Skövde and SVEMO, arranged that the centre of the competition is almost in the centre of the city of Skövde, just outside Arena Skövde and is being labelled as the EM village.

The EM village already opens on Wednesday the 8th of August and there will be a show of MiniMoto, Quad-race show and students from FMCK Skövde’s own Enduro school will give a little show.

On Friday the 10th of August the competitors will accomplish a prologue that will take place in the EM village.

“EC on my home ground in Skövde and I could not resist”, the sevenfold gold World champion in Enduro, Anders Eriksson, wrote in Social Media. Anders will race in the veteran class.

The competitors will drive the course for three laps and carry through three special tests along the course. The first special test is a cross test in the slalom slope upwards the mountain Billingen. A hilly track that is technically demanding, fast-tracked with many turns.

The second special test is an enduro test, a classic Swedish enduro on trails in the woods in combination with fast-tracked grass fields and technical parts on forest beds. The test has a running time of about 10 minutes.

The third special test is an enduro test of hilly meadows with elements of a journey through forest parties. The test is technically demanding and has a running time of about 7 minutes.

“I think it will be really fun. It’s always special to compete at home and in my hometown, “said Albin Elowson in an interview with SLA.


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Robert Svensson
Clerk of the course, SVEMO
Contact:, +46 (0)708 – 12 74 14

Peter Tapper
President, FMCK Skövde
Contact:, +46 (0)706 – 93 37 93

Andreas Bodin
Press Officer, FMCK Skövde
Contact:, +46 (0)731 – 80 13 43